“The best writing has no lace on its sleeves.” – Walt Whitman (1819-1892) American poet, essayist and journalist

Please contact us to talk about your project.  We’ll be happy to discuss specific pricing.

Our fees

Please contact us to talk about your project. We’ll be happy to discuss specific pricing.

For clients who are just beginning their thesis or dissertation, our editors at Stacks Editing often start with developmental editing. That’s where we work closely with the client to develop a project from the initial concept onward. In other cases, clients ask us to begin with a manuscript evaluation to determine what’s needed to make their thesis, dissertation or other project shine so it’s ready for the review committee and ultimately for publication. In either case, the initial consultation is free.

Clients then engage us to provide a range of services that includes editing, fact-checking, permissions, indexing and researching. We offer writing services as needed. 

Project's scope affects pricing

Our pricing is based on guidelines developed by the Editorial Freelancers Association, headquartered in New York City. Whether a fee is flat rate, per page, per word or hourly, rates vary depending on the nature of the work – such as time frame of the assignment, degree of special expertise required and other factors. The industry standard for a manuscript page is a firm 250 words with double-spaced format.

Pricing also is affected when the scope of the work required is greater than expected. Or the project scope may turn out to be less than expected. Both client and editor should be alert to these possibilities and prepared to revise the contract terms to reflect the substantive amount of work provided.

Our editors do everything feasible to keep your costs low. We do not charge for phone calls, emails or faxes or for most meetings with clients. We charge only for the work we do for you.

Below is a listing of what we charge for. Our editors will discuss specific pricing on an individual basis.  


Editors review your manuscript, then advise on the steps needed to help you assemble your master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation with confidence. Our initial consultation is free. Subsequent manuscript evaluation will be invoiced to your account. 


We take the words and through skillful editing, turn them into your final product. 

Developmental editing

                Editors work closely with the author or client to develop a thesis, dissertation, book or other manuscript project from the initial concept onward. Our initial consultation is free. Subsequent developmental editing consultation will be invoiced to your account. 

Basic copy editing

                Correct spelling, grammar, usage, punctuation and typographical errors. 


Heavy copy editing

                In addition to basic copy editing, heavy copy editing includes cross-reference checks and preparation of style sheets that guide the manuscript’s consistency and accuracy. The client should provide his/her house style guide, if applicable. 

Substantive or line editing

                Editors make significant editing changes to a manuscript such as rewriting and reorganizing the text for consistency, clarity and understanding. 

Statistical editing

                We verify data and recalculate mathematics and statistics to confirm the validity of measurements, direct observations, control surveys and conclusions depicted in tabular format and text in your manuscript. 

Website copy editing

                In addition to copy editing the text on your site, website copy editing includes cross-checking the navigational tools on your site to ensure that web links connect quickly and easily with the correct pages as well as the correct audio, video and other content. 


Editors conduct investigational research to help clients distinguish between fact and opinion in their manuscript projects. We will find information to support the writing or to verify information already supplied by the writer, client or another editor. This step routinely includes the use of one or more online plagiarism detectors to protect you later from copyright infringement or piracy accusations. 


If your manuscript inadvertently includes material quoted directly from someone else’s work, our editors will obtain written permission from the original author or publisher and provide you with the correct style citation. Or if you prefer, we will show you how to locate and reach out yourself to the original author or publisher so you can procure the required written permissions and correct the style citations yourself. 

Preparing a thesis includes fact checking, indexing, researching and obtaining permissions.


We will create an alphabetical index listing the page numbers where proper names and significant concepts are mentioned and/or cited in your work. 


Editors find information to support the writing or to verify information already supplied by the writer, editor or client. 


Annual reports, advertising and catalog copy, speeches, technical manuals and articles for newsletters, magazines and journals. We can create original material, rewrite or rework existing material and/or collaborate with others.